Q: How soon in advance do you reserve dates?

     A: We reserve dates up to 15 months in advance. To find out if your date is available please click here.

Q: Who will be video taping my wedding?

     A: We only provide videographers that work within our company. We do not hire videoographers from outside companies. Couped-up Productions is the only company that will provide you with services throughout your wedding production.

Q: How do you accept payments?

     A: We offer a 3-installment payment plan. The first (1st) would be a low deposit to secure your reservation. The second (2nd) would be on or before the day of the affair. And the final and third (3rd) is due prior to the completion of the video. (see below in editing).

Q: What forms of payments do you accept?

     A: We accept Cash, Check, Money Order and PayPal. Credit Cards can be accepted through PayPal or even the day of. Sorry, no credit cards can be accepted over the phone.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use and do you bring in bright lights?

     A: We use DSLR cameras, All events are recorded in true HD. We do not bring in any room ligths. We use a 75 watt dimmable light mounted on the camera.

Q: Are you Insured?

     A: Yes, proof of insurance is provided to catering halls upon request.

Q: Do I receive the Raw Footage as part of my package?

     A: Raw footage is not included in some of the wedding packages. Please speak to me regarding how you can obtain a copy of your raw footage.

Q: I’ve booked my package already and would like to change it, can I?

     A: Yes. If at any time up until your date you would like to change some things, just contact the studio ASAP and we will adjust it accordingly. Please note that some of the options may need more advance notice than others.

Q: How important is it to have a video?

     A: No one can put an exact price on the value of video. It is our opinion that video is priceless. Unlike photographs video captures the true spirit of people. After the day has passed it is wonderful to be able to relive the expressions and actions of loved ones on your special day. The value of video becomes greater as time goes by. It’s a gift you give yourselves.



Q: How long does it take to get the final video?

     A: There are many variables that can affect the turnaround time. Depending where we are in the wedding season, type of package that is chosen and information that is required by you, the final video can take anywhere between 2 and 6 months and on some occasions can take up to and past a year. So please be patient and prepared that it can take quite some time. This approximate schedule starts from the time we receive ALL of your information (song list, pictures, etc.) For more information on what is needed from you, see “what’s needed” by clicking here. Also, be sure to fill out your information sheet located on the contact page under brides/grooms or just click here.

Q: When is the final balance due?

     A: The final balance is due before we start editing the video. Once all your information is received you will be noticed on an approximate time frame on the completion of your video. When that time arrives you will be contacted again to set up the final balance payment. If at that time you wish to postpone the editing you can do so and we will move onto the next couple in line.

Q: How long is the final video?

     A:The final video is based upon the package you choose and your individual preferences. Typically a documentary style video is 60 min give or take. A cinematic is 30 minutes give or take.

Q: Who chooses the music on the video?

     A: It¹s your video so you choose the music that you would like to hear. You can provide your music list online through our online credits and music form. found here

Q: Do I get highlights/trailer and how soon is it available to see?

     A: Highlights/Trailer are included with all packages unless specified otherwise and are always included on your final dvd. Not all highlights are available online or online right away. Depending on the package chosen will determine if and when it will be available to you.

Q: Can I make changes to the video after it is completed?

     A: Errors made on the part of Couped-Up Productions, or corrections within REASONABLE MEANS must be submitted with in 7 days of receipt of the video. After 30 days from receipt of the video ALL corrections, even errors made on the part of Couped-Up Productions an hourly rate of $75.00 applies.

Q: How may copies do I get and can I get additional DVDs if needed?

     A: All of our packages come with 3 Standard definition DVDs and 1 Blu-Ray Disc. For an additional small fee per disc you can get those extra copies you might need for friends and family.